Strategic Roadmapping


In Conversation With Dr. Rob Phaal – On Strategic Roadmapping

Date of Recording

October 23, 2020


In this roughly 30-minute conversation, Rajiv Ramchandra, Founder and Director of Re:CREATe learns about and discusses the approach or process of ‘Strategic Roadmapping’ with Dr. Rob Phaal (STIM, CUED), Director of Research at the Institute for Manufacturing’s (IfM) Centre for Technology Management, University of Cambridge.

About Rob

Rob is the Director of Research at the Centre for Technology Management and conducts research in the area of Strategic Technology and Innovation Management. He has over two decades of experience in the application of roadmapping and has worked with organizations across a range of sectors including automotive, aviation, biotech, electronics, healthcare, robotics, and utilities.

He has given keynotes, conducted workshops, and delivered customized training courses to companies, governments, and universities in countries around the world including Austria, Denmark, Hong Kong, India, Japan, the UK and the US.

More Information

To learn more about roadmapping at the IfM, please visit:

To learn more about roadmapping courses at the IfM, please visit:

To learn more about Rob’s personal take on roadmapping, please visit:

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