Women in Remanufacturing

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To watch these videos directly on YouTube, along with recordings of the series of events hosted as part of Global Reman Day 2021, please check out our playlist.


As correctly pointed out by the UN, “Gender equality is not only a fundamental human right, but a necessary foundation for a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world”. As part of the series of events we are hosting during the week of Global Reman Day 2021, join us to hear from these accomplished and inspiring women from around the world who work in the remanufacturing industry. Learn about the work they do – which is an integral part of circular economy – and their organizations.

Who should attend

  • Remanufacturing companies
  • Traditional manufacturing companies from various industries (e.g.: automotive, machinery, electrical & electronic products, computer & related products, furniture, medical devices) that want to learn about remanufacturing
  • Organizations broadly working in the ‘circular economy’ space
  • Students and Young Professionals
  • Government Bodies and Policy Makers
  • Think Tanks, Academics/Researchers – Industry, Technology, Policy
  • Women’s Organizations
  • Development Organizations
  • Mainstream Media


(in alphabetical order of last name)

Date and Time

Friday, April 07, 2021 | 4:30pm IST | 1:00pm CEST | 7:00am EST (Duration: 75 minutes)

Registration Fee



4:30pmWelcome and Opening
Rajiv Ramchandra, Founder and Director, Re:CREATe
4:35pmFraming and Context Setting
Saloni Gupta, Engagement Manager, Sattva Consulting
4:45pmPanel Discussion

Cheryl Dry, Senior Manager, MERA – The Association for Sustainable Manufacturing
Vaishali Kulkarni, Chief Engineer, Cummins India
Yorien de Ruijter, Director Remanufacturing Events, Rematec
Moderator: Saloni Gupta, Engagement Manager, Sattva Consulting
5:40pmExpression of Thanks
Rajiv Ramchandra, Founder and Director, Re:CREATe

About Re:CREATe

Recreate India Research Foundation (Re:CREATe) is a Section-8 Nonprofit Company established to catalyze, advance, and co-create a thriving remanufacturing industry in India. The four pillars of Re:CREATe are Research, Education, Advocacy, and Technology resting on a foundation of national and international Collaboration.  In December 2020, Re:CREATe was awarded the prestigious ‘Remanufacturer of the Year’ Award in the ‘Best Reman Ambassador’ by Amsterdam-based Rematec, which is the world’s largest platform for the remanufacturing industry.

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