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The pace at which the transition to a circular economy takes place depends on several factors. It is undoubtedly a multi-stakeholder effort and different strategies are being employed around the world towards achieving some common goals. Join us to learn about:

  • Evolving public policy around the world in relation to remanufacturing and the circular economy
  • How private sector innovation is forging new pathways
  • Global partnerships that are emerging to accelerate the transition towards circularity
  • How remanufacturing and the circular economy are connected to climate action

Who should attend

  • Remanufacturing companies
  • Traditional manufacturing companies from various industries (e.g.: automotive, machinery, electrical & electronic products, computer & related products, furniture, medical devices) that want to learn about remanufacturing
  • Government Bodies and Policy Makers
  • Think Tanks, Academics/Researchers – Industry, Technology, Policy
  • Product Designers and Entrepreneurs
  • Circular Finance and Impact Investors
  • Mainstream Media


(in alphabetical order of last name)

Date and Time

Friday, April 09, 2021 | 4:30pm IST | 1:00pm CEST | 7:00am EST (Duration: 75 minutes)

Registration Fee



4:30pmWelcome and Opening Remarks
Rajiv Ramchandra, Founder and Director, Re:CREATe
4:35pmFraming and Context Setting
Mark Coleman, Author, The Sustainability Generation
4:45pmPanel Discussion: Evolving Public Policy, Private Sector Innovation, Global Trends and Partnerships, Climate Action

David Fitzsimons, Director, European Remanufacturing Council
– Yorien de Ruijter, Director Remanufacturing Events, Rematec
– Rajiv Ramchandra, Founder and Director, Re:CREATe
Moderator: Mark Coleman, Author, The Sustainability Generation
5:40pmExpression of Thanks
Rajiv Ramchandra, Founder and Director, Re:CREATe

About Re:CREATe

Recreate India Research Foundation (Re:CREATe) is a Section-8 Nonprofit Company established to catalyze, advance, and co-create a thriving remanufacturing industry in India. The four pillars of Re:CREATe are Research, Education, Advocacy, and Technology resting on a foundation of national and international Collaboration.  In December 2020, Re:CREATe was awarded the prestigious ‘Remanufacturer of the Year’ Award in the ‘Best Reman Ambassador’ by Amsterdam-based Rematec, which is the world’s largest platform for the remanufacturing industry.

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