The Case to Advance Remanufacturing in India

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The Case to Advance Remanufacturing in India: Forging the Path to a Circular Economy

Publication date:

September 2020



If sustainability is about achieving a particular state of inner and outer harmony, then circularity can be seen as the outer architecture of that state, the architecture of the systems and structures we create that reflect this wisdom. Remanufacturing (or reman) is one such modality of this circular architecture.

The purpose of this document is two-fold. The first is to offer a clear understanding of what remanufacturing is, what it isn’t, as well as it’s benefits and limits. The second is to present a birds-eye view of the potential of remanufacturing in India’s transition to a sustainable and circular economy.

This monograph is an invitation to stakeholders across the board to give deep consideration to the potential of, and role that remanufacturing can play in co-creating a beautiful, circular, and sustainable India.


“With remanufacturing rapidly growing into a major business opportunity, greater consideration will need to be paid towards the potential reuse of the parts and components used in products.

This report highlights how circularity and sustainability as concepts are gaining traction in India’s manufacturing landscape, while also serving as a handbook on reman for the uninitiated.

Anirban Ghosh
Chief Sustainability Officer
Mahindra Group

“India is well tuned into recovering the utility and economic value of discarded and/or dysfunctional manufactured products and components. This has traditionally been driven by need or scarcity, and an acceptance by markets that recovered products will have lower performance.

Remanufacturing de facto industrializes this practice by designing products for multiple lifecycles and ensures equal if not superior performance of recovered components and products compared to new ones. This can make good business sense and help the transition to a circular economy in India.”

Dr. René Van Berkel
India Representative
United Nations Industrial Development Organization

“It is inspiring to see Re:CREATe take a leadership role in bringing visibility to the potential and benefits of remanufacturing, and the significant role it can play as part of the circular economy in India.

The information contained within this report is invaluable for stakeholders that would like to to be better informed on these important topics.”

Tom Healy
Chief Executive Officer
CoreCentric Solutions, Inc.

“This report has the power to advance the Indian remanufacturing industry by pointing out the importance of it.”

Yorien de Ruijter
Director Remanufacturing Events
Rematec, RAI Amsterdam

“I am pleased to see Re:CREATe bring remanufacturing knowledge to India and look forward to our working together.”

David Fitzsimons
Conseil Européen de Remanufacture
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